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1.I have signed up for YLogApp from www.Ylogapp.com, Whats next ?

2.How can I add new driver?

3.What is Tag#?

4.What is Employee#?

5.How can I add a new Vehicle?

6.What is VIN ?

7.What is Vehicle#?

8.What is ODO#?

9.I tried to log into my device and it says "This device is not authorized. Contact your administrator. " What I supposed to do?

10. I am logged into my device. It is asking for Vehicle Code, what is it?

11. What is Dispatch#?

12. How can I add Dispatches on portal?

13. What is JOB/PO#?

14. What is Daily Basis?

15. How to assign source and destination to dispatch?

16. How to assign a vehicle to dispatch?

17. How can I add more stops in dispatch?

18. How can I switch the sequence of stops of a dispatch?

19. How can I add order on dispatch?

20. What is Order#?

21. How can I see orders on device?

22. How can I start a dispatch?

23. How can I see stops on a dispatch?

24. How can I see captured POD?

25. How can I stop a dispatch?

26. How can I track order on portal?

27. How can I check POD on portal?

28. How can I download POD as pdf file from portal?

29. How to print a QRCode and send in email?

30. How to search a user who is active or inactive?

31. How to enable an inactive user?

32. How to update Company Logo?

33. How to change header background in YLogApp?

34. How to change reporting and sync frequency?

35. How to change order quantity on iPad?

36. How to add new items on order from iPad?

37. How to reset password?

38. How to change password?

39. How to download IFTA Report?

40. How to download DOT Log Report?

41. How to schedule report and send in mail?

42. How To Check DOT Log?

43. How To Check Vehicle Log?

44. How to export driver payroll report?

45. What is Vehicle Code?

46. How to mail 7-Day DOT log ?

Error Message

1.User Name does not exist or Password is incorrect! Please try again.

2. I forgot my password, how to reset it?

3. You are already logged into Device.


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