Problem Statement

Information flow

Akshaya Patra has concerns with their information flow on whereabouts of a delivery van. School’s must make sure they receive food before lunch time starts and so students can get food on time. Schools had to call to get info, Akshaya Patra distribution team needed to check in their records as to which vehicle and driver went on that route and get location of van by calling driver.
Since Akshaya Patra delivers to rural areas, not all the roads are paved. Vehicles are prone to breakdown or hard time getting to a location depending on weather. This exacerbates situation and back-office might not has any information about it


With a fleet having both owned and hired vehicles, a unified solution was needed which can also cater to dispatching requirements. When drivers arrive for pick-up, dispatching needs to be finalized beforehand and delivery information must be provided to drivers. YLogApp enabled Akshaya Patra to address this issue by enabling assignment of dispatches to drivers based on route load.

Quality Assurance

Food’s nutrition can be measured based on how good it is cooked and at what temperature it is served. To maintain consistent quality, cooking, distribution and, delivery temperature must be recorded. A device which can perform this at all three locations was a challenge for Akshaya Patra.

Production planning

At a huge organization like Akshaya Patra, production planning is not an easy task. Cooking requirements must be determined dynamically based on student’s attendance. It is a dynamic factor which must come from all the schools and needs to be incorporated into production planning. Akshaya Patra has been utilizing paper based attendance system to put together numbers from all schools but it takes a lot of time as well as resources to go through all those paper documents and input data in digital format.

The Solution

By using YLogApp solution, Akshaya Patra saw potential to address its challenges.

Yusata proposed YLogApp – Advanced GPS tracking solution which was consisting of a range of features like:
•   Scheduling of Dispatches
•   Real-time location, speed, driver behaviour information
•   Automated reports
•   Geofence transition information including time and distance
•   Supported peripherals like Attendance input system
•   Integration with ERP

Real-Time visibility on information
Akshaya Patra achieved peace of mind after having GPS devices installed in all the delivery vans. Contact centre as well as dispatch office can keep an close eye on actual position of vehicles and inform schools their live location and actual ETA (Estimated time of arrival). This further decreases the chances of delays due to vehicle breakdown etc since back-office can immediately act like arranging a replacement.

Driver-Vehicle assignment with Routes made easy

With information digitally available in system, dispatchers are enabled to do routing for driver/vehicles. Driver’s had ease of info about getting on road as quickly as load is completed.

Driver identification with keyfob
YLogApp enabled Akshaya Patra to identify driver while starting a vehicle. As well, drivers without keyfob are restricted to start ignition.

Integrated temperature monitoring solution

We have developed custom temperature monitoring solution miSensors along with hardware to fulfil specific requirements. Temperature sensor provides mechanism to select between Rice or Daal (Lentil) cooking or distribution option. When cooking is selection, it provides mechanism to choose cauldron number and when distribution then it allows to choose route number. It uses food grade probe for temperature sensing. Captured temperature is displayed to user as well. It persists last know cauldron and route number when next reading is captured.

Wireless forms

To overcome issue in production planning, YLogApp was enabled with wireless forms. It provides mechanism to design custom forms with ease or to choose from a variety of available forms. They are used by delivery persons/helpers to capture attendance from schools and submitted to ERP system. It bypasses all manual intervention of data input.