Problem Statement

Regulatory compliance concerns

Readington farms inc has 24X7 working as they deliver to all ShopRite and PriceRite stores. The commercial drivers on road falls under DOT compliance for eLogs. They needed to keep track of driving hours at all times as well as they have to keep 14 days of history with them. Law enforcing officer can ask for the log and they were needed to present it to him. eLog history also needed to be sharable to officer. The penalties for non-compliance of DOT regulations are very high.
Readington farms was looking for a unified solution which can also cater to their dispatching requirements. Readington gets order and dispatching information from their parent company wakefern Inc. The order has line item and quantity information. While delivering, stores can request additional items or can change quantity for delivery. They also need to keep track of dollies and bossies.

The answer to following questions were needed:
•  Are drivers compliant to DOT regulations?
•  Are they taking needed breaks during their trips?
•  Are order/dispatch delivery success rates high and acceptable?

By using YLogApp's tab based solution, Readington farms saw potential to address its challenges.

The Solution

Regulatory compliance and better visibility

Although Readington farms had GPS devices installed in their trailers, they were adequate to provide driver interface. YLogApp is verified and approved by FMCSA for DOT ELD solution. They decided to utilize YLogApp iPad solution which lets driver login into app and see their driver logs. Recording and driver state change is based on multiple profile settings while allowing driver to manually take over.
Driver state and hours information is populated to web application where dispatcher can keep eye on driver logs. Application raises exception if driver run into any non-compliant condition. DOT summary report can be generated from portal and kept for record keeping.
YLogApp was customized for Readington farms requirements and order/dispatch information was brought into YLogApp via API integration. API had two-way communication to read and write order/dispatch information. iPad app let drivers see their daily routes with store locations and contact information. Drivers were enabled to see item information and quantity to deliver.
Quantity change was accommodated too into the solution and information was populated back to order/dispatch source. Drivers get electronic - Proof of delivery signed by store manager. ePOD lets dispatcher get visibility on deliveries. Signed ePODs gets delivered to store managers.

The Result

Accurate payroll and better reporting

With YLogApp, Readington farms has been able to have accurate and timely information on driver working hours. As this allowed to being compliant with DOT regulations, the DOT hours were also utilized to run payroll for drivers.
With Accurate vehicle log information using customizable capture frequency and store-forward mechanism of YLogApp, accurate IFTA miles were calculated.
Data usage reports allowed to keep SIM airtime utilization under control and visible for any surprize charges for over-use.
Any device-any driver mechanism allowed Readington farms free from hassle of keeping device bind with a driver. Any driver can pick any device and good to go with deliveries. Driver's DOT hours are downloaded on whichever device driver logs in.
YLogApp is being worked on for new enhancements to cater upcoming requirements of Readington farms. The next big leap on this is enhancement in iPad app to get Bluetooth data from hard-wired unit installed in tractor using J1939 cable. This will address upcoming FMCSA compliance to have integration with hard-wired unit.