YLogForms Android with Tracking

Track and Sync the user location on PORTAL.

The driver should be logged in on the yLogForms mobile application and must have internet access on the device.
Settings Location ON (Vary on device settings)


•    Login with the driver user (Figure 1.0)
  If vehicle is already assigned from portal then the user should have the vehicle selected after login
  If the vehicle is not assigned from the portal then the new vehicle will be created on the portal with the username.(Figure 1.1)

Figure 1.0
Figure 1.1


  Login to the mobile application- YLogForms
  Now tap on hamburger icon to open the side menu
  Click on the Logs menu options
  Click on GPS Trails(Figure 1.3)
  Here the user will be redirected to the Map Screen (First user will have the map view to show the vehicle locations on the screen)(Figure 1.4)
  If user wants to view the tabular view of all the locations - click on the tabular icon on the top (Figure 1.5)
  User will have a popup enabled on the screen with the list of locations sorted in the chronological order(latest on top and oldest on bottom)(Figure 1.6)

Figure 1.3
(Figure 1.4)
(Figure 1.5)
(Figure 1.6)

SYNCED Locations on the PORTAL

   Driver user when log in to the portal all the data will be displayed on map and grid view.


   Login on Portal
   Click the hamburger icon to open the side menu
   Click on Logs menu option
   Click on GPS Trails sub menu option
   User will be redirected to the screen to display the tracked locations on map and grid view (Figure 1.7, 1.8)

Figure 1.7
Figure 1.8.1
Figure 1.8.2