Objectives and Steps

Wireless Form - Add Template with addable group

•   Create a template, Select the Approval process (if required) and drop the field as required.
•   Drop Radio Button/ Checkbox/ Custom Dropdown fields on the form as required
•   Enter the multiple options for the same as required
•   Select the default option from the dropdown on the property field for the checkbox/radio button/custom dropdown fields respectively as required -labelled “Select Default Value”
•   Here the user will have a dropdown from which they can select Add/ Edit/ Approval(if the approval process has been selected while creating the template).
•   Click on the Submit button to save the template.
•   While adding / updating the forms the default selection should be visible on the screen for the respective options

Checkbox default selection
Custom Dropdown default selection
Radio Button default value selection
Save Form
Public Form View - with default values selected
Form View - with default values selected