Objectives and Steps


With this release we have come with an enhancement in WF Approval Process of Enable Alert / Enable Notification.
Now we have the functionality to Add and Remove the Email's
1. Next Step Email - Tab Name - [Enable Alert]
2. Informational Email - Tab Name - [Enable Notification]
By Default if user add any roles it will be auto selected in above mentioned both Tabs.

Enable Alert /Enable Notification:

   •  From the side menu,click on Settings Icon,select“Approval Process”
   •  Add an Approval Flow,give the mandatory fields like Name,Description and select Entity as “Wireless Form”.
   •  Under the table,give the Step Name and select Roles.
   •  User can see the new feature of “Enable Alert”drop down and “Enable Notification” drop down.
   •  Enable Alert facilitates the user to send alert message to next step user designated for the Approval Process
   •  Enable Notification facilitates the user to send informational messages to concerned roles.
   •  After giving all the mandatory details,submit the process.

Add Approval Flow
Approval Flow Submitted
Conditions while Enable Alert / Enable Notification in

Approval Process:
To make use of the new functionality one needs to create the“Approval Flow” and later call it under the Entity “Wireless Form”.