Objectives and Steps

Create Dispatch

Steps to create Dispatch
1. Login to the portal with the user who has rights to create dispatch
2. Go to Dispatch
3. Click on add icon button
4. Enter the Dispatch name
5. Select the dispatch type Recurring/Ad-hoc
6. Select source location
7. Select destination location
8. Select vehicle for which the dispatch will be dispatched
9. Select Driver
10. Select Locks (if required)
11. Select Forms( If required)

Create Dispatch
Add Stop
Dispatch added in the list

Steps to create Order and associate the same with Dispatch

1.Create Order
a.Login to the portal with user who can create the Dispatch/Order
b.Click on the side menu
c.Select and click on the menu option - Order
d.Click on add plus icon button
e.Select Order frequency Recurring/Ad-hoc
Note: for recurring dispatch users can add both types of order recurring/ Ad-hoc, but for Ad-hoc type of dispatch users can add onlyAd-hoc type order.
f.Select customer
g.Enter all mandatory fields PO number/ Order Number/ Order Date (by default current date will come selected)
h.Enter the fields data as required
i.Click on next button
j.Select Contact and Pick up and drop off location (Select the same location for drop off location which is selected in stop for the dispatch)
k.Click on next button
l.Enter items need to be delivered with the order
m.If item is not added then user can add new item also
n.Click on next button
o.Select the driver
p.Select the dispatch
q.Click on submit button
r.The order will be added in the list and will be associated with the dispatch with Entered status

Add Order
Select Locations and Contact
Select Item
Add New Item
Associate Dispatch with Order
Order List
Order associated with Dispatch (View Dispatch)

Process to check the order and Dispatch Status

1.Login in app
2.Start dispatch
3.Drive to the location
4.As the user reaches the location
5.As per the status the respective code should be should be visible on the portal

Status Code Display on Portal
ENROUTE In-Transit
DROPPED Completed