Objectives and Steps

User can have the option to authenticate the Wireless forms while submission

Steps to enable setting for OTP Mechanism for Wireless Forms
1.Login to the portal with the user who has rights to create templates
2.Go to settings from the bottom of the side menu
3.Click on the option Profile Values
4.Select the tab Time Defaults
5.Here user will have an option to set the expire time for OTP labelled Wireless OTP Expire(min)

Settings Profile Value
Settings OTP - Time Defaults

Steps to create Form Template

1.Create Forms/Templates
    a. Login to the portal with user who can create the Form Templates
    b. Click on the side menu
    c. Select and click on the menu option - Wireless Forms
    d. Select and click on the sub menu option - Templates
    e. Create Groups (if Required)
    f. Click on Forms
    g. Click on Plus icon to add the template
    h. User should have a popup enabled on the screen “Create Form”
      •  Form Name; Textbox field
      •  Allowed Role (dropdown list)
      •  Parent Menu (Under which menu the form template should be added)
      •  Approval Flow(dropdown list)
      •  Sequence (dropdown list)
    i. Plus icon button to submit the block name “Create New Form”
    j. Here then user should be redirected to the next screen on the popup view
      •  Build
      •  Preview
      •  Settings
      •  Form Elements
    k. Drag field to the body
    l. Form Properties as the field has been dragged to the center of the screen on popup
    m. Drag the property fields to build the Form
      •  Phone Number
      •  Email
    n. Select the form properties and Style
      •  Enable OTP Verification
Note : If a user has selected the OTP verification checkbox for Phone number then for email it would not be allowed to select and vice versa.
    o. Click on Preview to save and complete the block to be saved in the Form list.
    p. Click on the SAVE button
    q. The form should get added in the list of forms
    r. Then user should be redirected to the Settings tab
      •  Quick Share
               1.Here user can created the public link
               2.Here user can create the embedded link
               3.Here users can share the form to the specific contacts by inviting the same after selecting the contact from the list.
      •  Thank You Page
               1.Here users can create the thank you page or settings that should be performed after form submission.

Note : OTP feature is only available on field phone number and email, not on the field blocks even if it has a phone number/email.

OTP on Phone number template view
Not OTP field property on field blocks
Enabled OTP on Phone number field
Not applied on Email
OTP applied on Email field
OTP will not be allowed on Phone Number
Save Form
Time Defaults - OTP setting for expire
Send OTP on email
Send OTP on Phone Number

Validate the OTP received on Phone number or Email

1.Login to portal or in app, users are allowed to fill forms
2.OTP verification allowed
a.Phone number : then the user must have to enter the 10 digit phone number.
b.Email : then the user must have to enter the proper email address.
3.Goto Phone message logs/ email logs
4.Enter the OTP in the respective field
    a.If the OTP entered is wrong
      •  Proper messages should be there like:
               1.Please enter the correct OTP.
               2.Please enter 6 digits OTP only.
    b.If OTP has entered correctly
      •  Then the user should have proper success message
      •  And the user now should be able to submit the form - submit button should get enabled

OTP verified successfully
Wrong OTP
Wrong OTP
OTP verified Successfully via Phone number