Objectives and Steps

Create new Route

Edit Route

Route Resubmission

Steps - Add Route

•  Login to the portal
•  Go to Deliveries
•  Select and click on GEO RTD
•  Click to add new route
•  Add Source and Destination Address
•  Click on Get Routes
•  Select Source Department and Destination Department
•  Select Start Date / End Date
•    Note - Start Date should always be less than the End Date
•  Select the Reason for New RTD from the list
•    Note - New reason has been added to the list “Renew of Geo RTD”
•  As the user clicks on the Get Route button here the list of available routes dropdown list will appear
•  Select the route - As the route is selected Save button will appear on the screen
•  Click on Save button to save the route

Add Route
Add Route
Get and Select Route
Start Date/ End Date Validation
Select RTD Reason

Steps - Edit Route

•  Login to the portal
•  Go to Deliveries
•  Select and click on GEO RTD
•  Select the route from the list
•  Click on Edit icon button
•  Here also the validations will apply accordingly for the start date and end date

Edit Route
Edit Route

•  The route being added in the list will have a version number starting from 0 and continues to n number as the same route count continues to be added

•  If the route already added has a tenure of 3 yrs like sep 2021 - sep 2024 then if user adds another route with same source and destination with same tenure then the route new version will not be created

•  If the tenure is changed which not comes in the already added range like oct 2024 to jan 2027 then it will be created as new route with version number 1