Objectives and Steps

Download in Excel

Print Forms On View

Steps - Download in Excel

•  Login to the portal
•  User has already filled/submitted the form with approval process or without approval process
•  Go to Wireless Forms
•  Select the form from the form the wireless form list
•  Click on view icon button
•  The form view should be visible on the popup with all the prefilled data.
•  On the bottom of the form view - Download Excel button will be visible
•  Click on the Download Excel button
•  The data values will be available on the excel in the format

Download Excel Button on View Form
Excel View
View Form

Steps - Print Forms on View/ or download in excel

•  Login to the portal (Allen Flavors Account)
•  Generate PO / Order
•  As submitted the admin user role will receive an email
•  Go to email inbox
•  Select the email to open received for order placed
•  Click on the link given in email for viewing full order details
•  User will be redirected to the view form screen
•  Here user will have two button Print Form and Download Excel
•  If user clicks on the Print Form button user will have the option to save the form as PDF
•  If the user clicks on the Download Excel Button the file will be saved as a .xlsx/.xls file with the same form name in the system.

Print Form and Download Excel Button
PDF View
Excel View